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Coffee: A Toxic Love Story.... And The Antidote


And The Antidote ❤️

Admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. Ah, the magical bean gifting us with mental clarity, heightened energy, and antioxidants! Coffee serves as a crutch for us when we are feeling tired, a boost when we need, a positive stimulant when slipping into a depression, the thing that keeps us going when we need to push harder to finish some sort of project or passion.

And then… there’s the come down. The crash. It’s like revving up an engine so much that it uncontrollably crashes + burns into a cement wall. Oooffff....

Also, some of the other potential side effects of coffee is bloating, stomach tightness, the inability to retain and use essential vitamins + minerals, dependence, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalance, skin issues, dryness, and dehydration. Rough stuff to deal with.

But - good news! Not everyone has these negative side effects and there are tips + tricks to counteract these potential effects! Let me share with you a little on my affair with coffee...

In certain times of my life - for instance… when I make it a habit to be up until 2 in the am either dancing or playing music or making love, I have used coffee as a drug - my body has become dependent upon it for happiness and stamina. I have experienced a lot of the negative effects, as mentioned above, as well as the amazing benefits of being super productive + energized + clear minded.

Over the past two years, I have gone through multiple phases of ditchin’ the caffeine. Yikes, the first few days of withdrawal symptoms are excruciating. For some people, they last up to two weeks. Headaches - so bad that even my eyeballs are aching: I basically wanted to rip my own eyes out of their sockets - extreme low energy, bouts of severe depression, irregular bowel movements. It’s no joke for certain people. But also what I noticed after returning to becoming an actual person again capable of living without the daily $6 oat mylk latte’s... was that my skin was super clear, my hands were naturally moisturized without needing shea butter, digestion was normalized, and my energy was naturally stable throughout the day - no super high then super low. Great, cool, awesome. Life without caffeine is totally fine. Better, even.


Then LIFE happens and my favourite band comes to town on a Thursday so I’m up until 2am and then my favourite dance of the month is Friday and I’m up until 3am. Re-cooperation? Rest? No, not when you are an entrepreneur and a mother of a three year old. Babe’s back after being with his father + life is at full blast. So, I’m in this pattern of staying up late while babe’s asleep so I can work, play, music, whatever but sacrificing the time to catch up on the zZzZzz’s. Ah, yes, life as a highly motivated, busy mama who NEEDS her fun + independence, too. When I am in this phase of motherhood + life as a 26 year old, the coffee provides me what my own body is lacking and it actually ends up perpetuating the exhaustion. My adrenals are working super hard because of the coffee and then I crash. Totally tapped out. I need the coffee to keep me going and productive and present in life. Simultaneously, I make the intention of rebalancing my sleep cycle.

As I am rebalancing my sleep cycle + using coffee as my source for energy and motivation, I ask myself, “How can I wiggle my way out of an unhealthy pattern in a way that’s not totally hurting my body?”


YES! Alchemy!

Here is HOW TO DO IT!

NOTE: I am not promoting this as the new health fad. If you don’t already drink coffee, I suggest you keep it that way. But if you do drink coffee (daily, few times a week, or casually) and want to support the good stuff from caffeine and mitigate the negative effects, try my Adaptogenic Coffee recipe.

Shameless, feel-good coffee boost with a medicinal twist. Y'know the cool, new health trend ‘Bulletproof Coffee’... this is it, with a medicinal twist including adaptogenic herbs.

The method of bulletproofing adds in healthy fats to support the metabolic release of energy from the caffeine.

Adaptogenic herbs are well-known herbs used to support the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems. This category of herbs specifically help the body to adapt to stress and increase vitality. I could go on + on about the wonders of Adaptogens and why they are so essential for modern day herbalism! (hint hint: next article topic ;))

If you feel the awful weight of having to wean yourself off of coffee - the decadent, delectable, frothy joy of a beautifully crafted hot latte’... fret no more. Try my Adaptogenic Coffee:

Add some ghee, a little maple syrup, some coconut cream, cordyceps powder, maca root powder + collagen powder to your coffee and you’re good to go -

Brew a cup of high quality coffee (or the COFFEE ALTERNATIVES listed below).

Be sure to choose organically grown.


  1. Share Coffee (Roasted in Hadley, MA - (Although not certified) Highly Ethically Sourced + Organic)

  2. Peak Performance Coffee (Organic, Fair-Trade, Wet-Roasted, Single Origin High Altitude Beans)

  3. Hu Sumatra Coffee (Organic, Fair-Trade, Naturally Sun Dried)

In your blender… emulsify:

  • 1.5 Tbsp Ghee (Grass-fed, Organic)

  • Read more about the Nectar Of The Gods: here

  • Support a slow + steady release of energy from the caffeine

  • Hormonal Support

  • High in Vitamins A, D, K

  • 1-2 Tbsp Coconut Cream or ⅓ Cup Coconut, Almond, Hemp or Cashew Mylk

  • 1 Tsp Cordyceps, Cordyceps Sinensis Powder (Substitute with Reishi, Chaga, or a medicinal mushroom powder mixture)

  • Tonic Mushrooms for Energy, Adrenal, Immune Support

  • Brain Stamina

  • 1 Tbsp Maca Root, Lepidium Meyenii Powder

  • Stabilizes Energy

  • Balances Hormones

  • Increases Libido

  • Maple Syrup (to taste) *other options: stevia, raw honey

  • 1 Tbsp Collagen Powder

  • Source of Protein

  • Vitamin/Mineral Dense

  • Beneficial to digestive health, hair/skin/nail health, joint health, detoxification, metabolism

  • Read more on the benefits of collagen: here

Other goodies to potentially add. . .

  • ¼ tsp Vanilla Extract

  • Dash of Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Blood Sugar Stabilizer

  • CBD Oil

  • Countless benefits for the healing body; mostly having to do with the nervous system

  • 1 Tbsp Coconut Oil (substitute for ghee or do both but decrease the amount of ghee if so)

  • Antimicrobial

  • Source of Healthy Fat

Blending it all up creates a frothy, decadent texture and it tastes aaaaahmazing.

The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you suspect coffee isn’t harmonizing with your body very well, try drinking less (lower the amount + frequency) and transform it by adding these ingredients. If you still aren’t feelin’ it, ditch the coffee all together + try some ALTERNATIVES:

chai tea

chicory root tea

dandelion root tea

chaga tea


yerba mate

Read more on the Coffee debate with Wellness Mama:

This is an excellent, well-resourced article

Cheers to the bittersweet bean. ☕️

Wanna share your story with coffee? Have any cool coffee recipes? Let's chat in the comments!

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