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All about HEMP!

Let’s talk about HEMP! Hemp can revolutionize our World in terms of sustainability and overall health of the Planet and the all-encompassing life that inhabits her. The possibilities in creating with hemp are limitless! Some of the coolest ways to use hemp include making paper, clothing, rope, wax, and even to remediate toxic radiation and soil pollution using a process called phyto-remediation which extracts the toxic chemicals from the soil. Think about the role of hemp in terms of healing post-Fukushima radioactivity, and to rebuild the health and wellness of the soil post-heavy spraying of harmful pesticides. Totally amazing ability and potential here in our step towards healing Pacha Mama. Hemp could also replace plastics and can be used to make cars, biofuel, and even made into hempcrete to build homes! Hempcrete is resistant to mold, insects, and fire, is just as durable as concrete, and completely energy efficient.

Taking a deeper look into the sustainability of growing hemp, it is known that: – Hemp requires half the amount of water than cotton does. – Just one Cannabis hemp plant can replace 12 trees! Trees that take 20-50 YEARS to mature enough to be used industrially, versus hemp which takes a short four months! – Another astounding fact about growing hemp is its ability to actually absorb CO2 as opposed to adding to the overly released CO2 into the atmosphere.

I don’t throw around the term ‘revolutionize’ lightly, but it is clear to see this profound plant has the potential to truly revolutionize the way we are living and can really assist in our shift to more harmony with nature!

And the magic of Hemp doesn’t stop there – hemp seeds and hemp hearts are gaining more and more popularity in the World of Health, due to its ranging benefits. Hemp is an ideal source of plant-based protein containing all of the essential amino acids. This delightful nutty tasting seed contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid (LA). These little treasures of essential fatty acids provide excellent support for overall brain health, boost memory function, and combat inflammation. If you are using holistic remedies to improve circulatory function, heart health, or arthritis, hemp is a great addition to your diet and can also be used for prevention support.

This easily digestible Super Food is loaded with nutrients like vitamin E (also enhances the absorption of vitamin E), zinc, calcium, potassium, and iron and is filled with anti-inflammatory properties, fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, AND antioxidants which we all know are essential for vibrant health!

You can often find Organic Hemp Powder at your local health food store used as a complete protein, great for adding into your daily smoothie. I prefer to use the form closest to its pure state which would be hemp hearts or hemp seeds which I sprinkle in and on mostly everything I eat ~ smoothie bowls, avocadie toast, vegan cheeze, salad, sauteed veggies, anything! Hemp oil also is another way to incorporate all the hempy goodness into your body which is great in homemade dressings.

Find out how to make a quick, tasty hemp mylk using my recipe here:

For more on how Hemp can replace plastics, check out:

More on Sustainability of Hemp:

With Love, Empowerment and Infinite Potential, Bri

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